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10 More Things Your Parents Were Right About (Okay, Nine)

Recently, during a meeting of my writers’ group, we were discussing advice our parents had given us, but that we didn’t believe until we were well into adulthood – much of it we actively tried to prove wrong (damn, I wanted them to be wrong – especially the one about midnight and number of cocktails). Live and learn. So, we all decided to write up our own list. Here is mine, and trust me, my life would have been much less dramatic if I had only listened earlier (I wrote that last sentence for my kids. Listen to Me! I’m always right!):

1. If you are doing what you truly love, it will never feel like work.

2. If you are with who you truly love, it will never feel like work.

3. If someone lies to you at the beginning of a relationship, they will lie to you throughout, and then about you when it’s over.

4. Nothing good ever happens after midnight.

5. Nothing good ever happens after more than 2 drinks.

6. You don’t have to believe in God, but what do you have to lose if you’re wrong?

7. A kid will probably grow out of “wild” but will rarely grow out of “mean”.

8. What you spend your energy on expands, so choose wisely how to spend your time.

9. No matter how good of a parent you are, your kids are still probably going to need therapy.

10. Doughnuts are the perfect food. (Okay, I made this one up. But you know I’m right.)


Happy Running!




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