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I Want a Pat on the Head

by Carilyn on January 9, 2013

With all you more disciplined people out there making awesome resolutions and keeping them, I was starting to feel guilty. Okay, not guilty enough to make any resolutions, but enough to feel compelled to do something positive for this new year. To many of you, these things I have done will seem like no big deal. But that is only because you are organized, responsible adults. I, on the other hand, can pretty much procrastinate and ignore just about anything.

But not this year (thanks to your pushing – and I mean that in the nicest way possible)! This year, I am being proactive. Taking charge. Getting organized. (Okay, not really, but I thought we would all benefit this morning from a few Tony Robbins-esque affirmative statements.)

While I have not actually become more organized, or less of a procrastinator, I DID do a few things I’ve been putting off for too long. And I want a little positive reinforcement.

1. Found a dentist here in LA and made an appointment to get a sore tooth looked at. I’ve been putting this off for months, telling myself I would go see my long-time El Paso dentist, but that time never came. I’ve never home long enough to get in to see him. I had to finally suck it up and find someone here.

2. Found a new gynecologist in LA. This was the hardest. Every woman dreads going to the gyno, but it is a fact of life. So, finally, I bit the bullet and made the call. (I want extra credit for this one, ladies).

3. Found a new massage therapist. Back in EP, I had someone work on me weekly, and it made a huge difference. Here, I’ve just been too lazy to find someone new. Sure I tried a few times, but I never found someone who would dig deeply enough. So, I gave up and just went about my business. But eventually, I started noticing certain parts of my body were so tight, I couldn’t hold my water bottle for more than an hour and my hip was all wonky. Since I don’t stretch, I realized that not having someone “loosen” me up was really causing me problems. And at 45 years old, this bod needs a lot of loosening up.

4. I fixed a bunch of problems around the house. Okay, I didn’t personally fix ALL of them, but I did fix some and called someone for the rest. That counts, right?

5, I cleaned out a BIG closet. You know the one under the stairs? The one that everyone in the house just throws in everything that doesn’t go anywhere else, like ski clothes, suitcases, beach gear, hydration vests, old running shoes? It was a little frightening to even go in there, but I ventured forth and survived. And now I have a clean, spacious closet. Time to go add the rest of my old running shoes that are in the front hallway.

In the middle of all this proactivity (which we all know will only last until next Thursday, at the latest), I am back to regular training and working. I’m really scouring the internet to find a fun race/adventure to do, so if you have any ideas for me, will you let me know? I should have all my “chores” done soon.

Happy Running!



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