You’ll Be Happy to Know All of My Relatives Are Still Alive

by Carilyn on November 28, 2016

So many kind e-mails, comments, Tweets and texts about my last post. To all of you: thank you. I love you for caring and taking the time to read, skim, or open and immediately close this blog in utter exasperation. I really just write this stuff down because I have too much time on my hands and Tim gets tired of hearing about it. But I feel better now. Much, much better. Many days off, some very easy jogging, lots of coffee, and one good wineathon (that’s the fermented grape kind, not the “Oh my goodness, oh my goodness!” kind) with some of my favorite people, and all is well.

And as my favorite foot fetish troll told me, “Quit your bellyaching.” So I did. (Who says trolls aren’t a valuable part of every blog?)

I haven’t made any decisions about racing, but it’s nice just to be out running. No pressure, no group, no specific workouts. Just running. One foot in front of the other, mind-and-soul-cleansing running. Not pretty, but happy. And sometimes that’s enough, right?

Unfortunately, as well-adjusted as I am clearly becoming, other family members have not gotten the memo. Some examples of recent conversations had over the holiday:

UR (Unnamed Relative): So, what in the world do you do all day?

Me: Pretty much the same as you, I guess.

UR: But I’m busy.


Tim: When are you going to start training again.

Me: I haven’t decided if I’m going to start training again. I may just run for fun.

Tim: Is that possible? You’re not really the “fun” type.


UR2: How will you stay thin if you don’t run?

Me: Um, there are other ways, I believe.

UR2: Well, at your age, it is super easy to get fat.


Anyway, all three are still living. See, I told you I’m clearly becoming better adjusted.


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