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What I Ate After My Run – Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew Coconut Disk

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Since the question I get asked most often is “What do you eat (before) (after) (while) you run?” I started posting the pics to Twitter. But then a lot of you (Thank you! I love you, dear curious readers!) wanted to know exactly what it was and I had a hard time telling you in 140 characters. So I decided to just try to post it as often as possible here. Now, these won’t be full posts – just a photo and what’s in it. I will still be posting full recipes, runs and race reports, but this way we can stay in touch more easily. And then maybe one day I will grasp Instagram. Sigh.

This morning, 14 EASY miles followed by this Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew Coconut disk. So simple  – melt the chocolate in the microwave, halve and pit the cherries, toast (if you want) some coconut and then assemble it all. Speed up the setting time by putting it in the freezer. I made mine (5 minutes) before my run so that it was set up when I returned.

Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free

Protein + Carbs + Anti-Inflammatories + Healthy Fat + Antioxidants

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