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Bucket List

So I took my own advice from yesterday (rare, since I usually dish out advice that I don’t always take ūüôā ), and got busy. ¬†I did 3 runs – 8 miles on the TM at 5:00 am; 8 miles on trails with speed at the end at noon; and 4 miles easy on roads in the afternoon. ¬†Between runs I swam a quick mile, and then late in the evening I did stairs for 15 minutes and knocked out a core workout. ¬†For the rest of the day, I worked like a crazy person doing edits on the rough print of my second book, finishing tax stuff, and tying up loose ends.

By the 9 o’clock I felt like this:


Today, while I was doing my first run, I started really thinking about my priorities. ¬†I know it’s time to get focused on what I want/need to do over the next few years. ¬†Right now, I feel a little overwhelmed because I’m trying to do too many things at once. ¬†I love the quote from Eunice Kennedy Shriver (Maria’s mom): “You can do everything you want, just not all at the same time.” ¬†Yes.

While I don’t have an official bucket list, I decided it was time to start making a list of the races/adventures I REALLY want to do. ¬†Up until now, I’ve picked races that I felt I needed to do, or were simply at the right place and time. ¬†No more. ¬†There is only so much time and energy, and I want to really enjoy what I’m doing rather than going through it all like the Tasmanian Devil – frenetic and fun, but exhausting.

Here’s my (work in progress) Race/Adventure List:

1.  Western States 100


2.  Badwater 135 (which will require another 100 miler for qualification РTBD)


3.  Swim Catalina Channel


4.  Run the USA


I know I will probably add to/subtract from this list, but these are the big challenges I want to undertake. ¬†Now it’s time to start planning!


What are your big challenges?  Do you keep a bucket list?


Happy Running!




  • olga

    Some of “work in progress” bucket list is on my side bar, and for the most part includes completing long trails in US as a fastpacking adventure. There is, of course, never-ending list of races that I keep getting interested in, but in a big scheme of things. I just want to be out there and see things. Fast and efficient:)

  • Carilyn

    I love reading Jen Pharr Davis’ blog about her fastpacking adventures. I think you would be great at it, Olga! I don’t think I have the patience ūüôā I know you have a lot going on – which I think is so exciting – but I also know you will get it all done, and done well. I love hearing about your massage business – it is very inspiring!

  • Marcia

    Can just reading about your workouts count for some of mine today? Holy wow woman! I have a race bucket list to run the 5 marathon majors, but honestly my desire to do that is pooping out a little. We’ll see if NYC happens this fall. Still kicking myself for not making it to London this year.

  • Carilyn

    Oh, the 5 majors would be so much fun, Marcia! But I do understand about the motivation issue – it’s tough to get it all done and still want to travel and race, especially when you have family logistics to consider. Keep us posted!

  • Kent

    I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I’m 57 and just started running a year and a half ago. I never had a bucket list because quite frankly I’ve always been a pessimist and figured why bother I would probably fail at it anyway. That’s a really poor attitude to have I know, but when you spend your whole life thinking one way, its hard to change. At least it seemed that way till I started running and have actually (to my own amazement!) ran 2 half marathons. Even though I’m having trouble getting past 15 miles, I’m so excited about the idea of running a marathon that I feel like a teenager anticipating their first date. I remember watching Frank Shorter win the marathon in the ’72 Olympics and thinking: how is that humanly possible? – to run that far. I may only be half way there, but the pessimism that has plagued me all my life is giving way to a “I can do this” mindset, and I guess that makes it the first thing on my bucket list. I suppose another one would be to actually meet folks like yourself who run so much further and inspire me to never give up. Maybe I’m hoping something would rub off just being around someone who can run 100 miles!

  • Carilyn

    Thanks so much, Kent! I am so excited that you have run two halves and are working on a full – yay! And remember, it is hard for everyone – and the people who do it are just the ones who keep moving ūüôā Even after 6 years of running at this level, my 20 milers are still hard. I just keep telling myself “Perpetual Forward Motion” and eventually I finish it. I know you will get there!

  • Kate

    That’s a pretty exciting list you have there!

    I don’t have a bucket list per se, but there are some things I’d love to do:

    Expedition adventure race
    Bike across the US
    Hike the Appalachian Trail

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