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I May Still Be Insane, But I’m Less Puffy (and I can see my computer screen)

January 2, 2018

It’s New Year Resolution Post time, right? I mean, I didn’t miss it, did I? Surely there is at least a one week grace period. Since we’re all trying to be “better people” (or cool like Beyonce), I think that a little grace isn’t too much to ask for. Please. Why do we always feel […]

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How a Thursday Chocolate Chip Cookie Became a Friday Chocolate Chip Cookie – Laziness

October 9, 2017

Last week, I made chocolate chip cookies, just because. No special occasion, no special recipe I wanted to try, no special ingredients. It was Thursday and that seemed like a good enough reason. And when I pulled them out of the oven, they were terrible. Flat. Greasy. Falling apart. A Thursday cookie, indeed. Then something […]

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Southwestern Chicken Tacos (that were something else entirely, yesterday)

October 5, 2017

Mom and I went out for our usual Wednesday lunch date yesterday, and per custom, said good-bye only after an exchange of dishes we had made. We both love to cook, so there is a constant trading back and forth. I took her some of the Blueberry Walnut Crumb Cake (because I definitely Do Not […]

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How to Make Houswifery Fun! (Total lie. But at least bearable.) Blueberry Crumb Cake

October 4, 2017

Betty Crocker blueberry muffins for breakfast were one of my favorite Monday morning surprises when I was little. After a full weekend of sleep-overs, Broadway musical productions for the neighborhood, the selling of fruit and vegetable seed packets door-to-door (my part-time job as a six year-old), and swim practice, Monday mornings were always a little […]

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Pull Yourself Together (sugar helps)

September 26, 2017

That felt like an awfully long summer, didn’t it? Maybe because it was so hot here in Texas. Or maybe because I wasn’t focused on a training schedule, instead, content to sleep in some, dawdle, and generally just phone it in. Or maybe it was because this was the first summer without a kid at […]

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Whatever It Takes To Get Back Out There (even if it’s lots of carbs)

July 15, 2017

I’m back training. Sort of. I went back to my group for a week, but they do most of their training on hills and I’m just not up for that, yet. My back is still wonky (three ruptured disks from a fall in 2007), and the hills kill me when my fitness is not on […]

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A Cure For Heatstroke (totally a lie, but you will feel better)

June 15, 2017

Another race that didn’t go well, another week off for recovery. The cycle of life that revolves around ultrarunning. Run, race, regroup, repeat. And in the meantime, cook and eat, right? You all know how I feel about soup, so while I putter around my house during my weeks off of intense training, I start […]

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True Love (or, Forced Training Through Extortion)

June 5, 2017

Tim: When are you going to start really training again. Me: Never. Tim: So, like, next week. Me: No. I said never. Tim: We both know that’s not true. Me: One of these days it will be true. How do you know it isn’t true this time? Tim: Because you still like to eat pizza […]

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I Never Promised You a Rose Garden or that I Wouldn’t Taper

May 10, 2017

You would think that when you are tapering your appetite would diminish, right? Nope. At least not for me. The less I run, the more I want Doritos. And Hershey’s Kisses. And an Avila’s chile con queso burrito (asadero cheese, green chile, wrapped in a warm flour tortilla. With a side of rice and beans, […]

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When Getting It Right Isn’t the Point

May 7, 2017

When I was five, some new people moved into the neighborhood. I was beyond excited. New people meant new kids to play with, new jungle gyms to hang upside down from, a new mother to ask some of the fifty billion questions I had that seemed to annoy everyone else. Fresh meat. But this new […]

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