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I’ll Take Inspiration Wherever I Can Get It

by Carilyn on November 8, 2012

So yesterday, I told you about how inspired I was by Unbreakable, the Western States 100 movie. After watching it, I had the urge to move to the mountains, grow a beard, and change my name to something other people were afraid to pronounce out loud for fear of looking like a dolt. But alas, I’m stuck in the city, with a boring name and no facial hair (for now, but you never know), so I was left with being inspired simply to run trails. And I did.

And I didn’t fall.

And I didn’t get lost.

And nothing ate me.


I think I will go back out again today. But since I don’t have an awesome running movie to inspire me, I will have to settle for these:

I’ll take inspiration wherever I can get it.


Happy Running!


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