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Did You Just Call Me Fat? (Or: How Caller ID Will Keep You From Getting An Unnecessary Boob Job)

by Carilyn on October 30, 2012

Phone call with my non-running friend, Leslie:

Leslie: So, I read your blog post about your race. I don’t get it.

Me: What part?

Leslie: The whole thing.

Me: That’s a lot.

Leslie: Explain it to me.

Me: Explain what?

Leslie: Like how you can run for 78 miles and get fatter. What’s the point?

Me: I didn’t get fatter, I got bloated.

Leslie: Whatever. You got bigger AFTER running for hours. Isn’t that like the exact opposite purpose of exercise?

Me: Well, yes, but like I said, I didn’t get fatter. It was temporary.

Leslie: And you puked for a couple of hours?

Me: Yes, unfortunately, that’s usually part of it.

Leslie: AND you ended bigger than you started? After hours of running AND puking?

Me: Okay, I’m not going to keep having this conversation. I DID NOT get fatter!

Leslie: Basically, it sucks AND you get fatter. Great sport.

Me: Whatever. I see you didn’t like the post.

Leslie: The only thing that made any sense was that you needed to get a boob job.

Me: I have to go.

Leslie: I’m just sayin’.

Lesson: Check caller ID after a race and don’t answer calls from non-runners. Or, just lie in your race reports.


Happy Running!


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