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Beware of the Taper Brat

by Carilyn on December 6, 2012

Dinner Last Night:

Hubz:  What’s for dinner?

Me:  Brats, gnocchi and fruit salad.

Hubz:  Yum! Wait, these aren’t brats.

Me:  What do you mean? Of course they’re brats.

Hubz:  No, they’re hot dogs.

Me:  They are brats. Look at the package.

Hubz:  I don’t care what the package says, they look like hot dogs. They taste like hot dogs.

Me:  Fine. Then we’re having hot dogs, gnocchi and fruit salad.

Hubz:  But gnocchi doesn’t go with hot dogs.

Me:  You do remember I’m tapering, right?

Hubz:  Oh. Yeah. These brats are delicious. Especially with the gnocchi.


Happy Running!


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